Developing the visual brand of REV5

A new business got in touch looking to capture some images for the new gym experience that they were establishing in Windsor. Known as ‘Rev5‘ the company were after a series of images to portray their new facility and the unique gym routine held within – a new high intensity 15 minute workout.¬†With a focus on bright and light imagery with a little stylistic flair to match the colourful branding of the company we set about capturing all that the client needed and more. Working with models to capture each of the exercises in action while showing the interaction and support of the trainers around them.


The shoot ran very smoothly and we captured a fantastic range of images in the time we had available, mixing in advertising imagery with branding shots (above) to head shots of the team at Rev5. This delivered an entire visual package for Rev5 to use and provides a consistent visual across all of their media.

Here are some of the finished images from the shoot: