Flying Dogs

Recently we set about starting a fun new project capturing the energy and acrobatics of a dog agility class with a charitable goal in mind. This is to be an ongoing project capturing the various faces of the class culminating in a fundraising effort to benefit the Roy Castle Foundation through the sale of individual images and collective calendars. With the aim of capturing energetic and characterful images we set about freezing the action, capturing the dogs in mid flight, mid weave and mid bound while producing a dramatic feel and high end look. With the help of the Profoto B3 packs and Proheads we had the necessary speed and power to create images where the motion was completely frozen, thanks to the balance of power with a short flash duration.

Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to support this worthwhile cause, check the ‘Contact‘ section of the website for the best ways to get in touch.

Here’s an early look at some of the images captured so far (More after the jump) –


 A3568-Dog_Agility-16553 A3568-Dog_Agility-16518_v2 A3568-Dog_Agility-16510 A3568-Dog_Agility-16562