Making a Splash

We had a rather interesting project recently that can now be shared that involved a unique set of challenges in order to create the finished set of images. Starting with an eye drop bottle we were tasked with creating a dynamic shot of it crashing into a swimming pool.


Scale was our biggest obstacle to start with, the product in reality¬†is only 4cm tall and very lightweight. So it wouldn’t interact with the water in a way that would create the effect wanted – it needed to be bigger, it need to be heavier to displace the water properly, but the lid also had to look exactly the same as the real product.

This led us to building a digital 3D model of the lid and having it 3D printed at around 5x the original size. This combined with a long search for a matching glass bottle and we had a perfectly scaled up bottle to use for the shoot.



The next step was getting over how we would be able to properly control our shoot if it were to take place at an outdoor swimming pool. Lighting would be a challenge if this had to take place in the middle of a pool and generally making things repeatable and consistent would be tough. So how do you get around it? By separating out the elements.

We located an outdoor pool, put the Phase One into an underwater housing and jumped in to the brisk 12 degree water to capture a series of background slates.

Back at the studio we had all the control we needed to repeatedly drop the bottle in to a tank and capture the best imagery possible. And below is the finished shot along with a behind the scenes video of the process – enjoy

Splash Behind the Scenes